Tender Information Services History

In 2010, Our founder Mr. Umar Elahi, was looking out for an advertisement for a tender relevant to his business, after searching the three major newspapers for what seemed like an eternity, he missed seeing it. The tender was advertised in a newspaper he had not been searching. This caused him to wonder how many businesses missed tenders, as tender information was only available in newspapers and one could only read a few on daily basis . Seizing the opportunity in this niche market, Tender Information Services was formed.

Tender Information Services Today

Today under the able leadership of our CEO Mr. Fawad Hassan Tender Information Service provides its notification and tender related services to thousands of satisfied clients from a wide range of industries and businesses.

The continued success of Tender Information Service can be attributed to its original… On Hand… approach where specialists read, interpret, and classify information according to client needs. This cost-effective and thorough service has proved to be a huge time and cost saving benefit for thousands of Tender Information Service clients.

We have maintained a personal methodology to our service. Tender Information Services has built its reputation on the tried and tested process of tender searching with a research team. This…On Hand…approach, assisted by state of the art technology, makes Tender Information Services unique.

Tender Information Services is intent on maintaining the…On Hand… approach to all its services which extend to tender response and tender advertising services.

Tender Information Services was highly commended in 2017 when it was honored with National Performance Award and in the following years was recognized for its commitment to excellence with several other business industry awards.

Tender Information Services clients benefit from our 20 years experience in providing tender notification and bid management services as we have a proven record for service delivery and an unmatched understanding of the tender market.

Tender Information Services continues to deliver unsurpassed client satisfaction in its field – a culture which serves as a basis for all Tender Information Services activities.